“I am a first time home buyer and was starting the process of visiting open houses and looking online for places that caught my interest when I met Lauren at one of these open houses. Immediately there was a connection and she understood and got that I was new to the whole process and offered suggestions and wished me the best in my search. Her and I connected a week or so later and began discussing what I was searching for. I began to receive emails that matched my search criteria and Lauren offered to meet me at any of these places at any time that was convenient for me. There were times when the process did get a bit frustrating and the search turned up limited results, but Lauren encouraged me to keep an open mind and still check out some of these places in order to get a feel for the whole process and experience. Lauren is phenomenal and honestly I would not have been able to go through this process without her help, guidance and experience. When we would visit condos, she was always prepared with documentation and a run-down of the building and the unit we were visiting. She is professional yet fun and makes the whole experience flow smoothly. As a first time home buyer, I was very fortunate to run into Lauren and have her help me find my dream home…I would recommend her to my friends for sure because of her determination and dedication. Thank you Lauren for everything and for finding me my dream home! Cheers,”

– Jaimee Vreugde

“We just wanted to say thank you for all your help during this whole process. As you know, as first-time home buyers it was very stressful for us and you have made everything so much easier and enjoyable!

Since we came to Canada 8 years ago, we have been living by ourselves without much parental support. When it came to making such a huge purchase ever and not having much guidance and support from family, we are so happy we found you! Everyone has treated us so well and given us an abundance of great advice and support (and made us feel like home!).

We appreciate you going through every detail in the condo with us, assisting us during the negotiation process, reviewing the documents with us, giving us suggestions on home decor and even getting us snacks during the inspection! With you being there with us and sharing with us your knowledge and experience, we can rest assured we have made an informed decision and are proud to own our first home.

It was such a pleasure working with you. Thank you again for everything and we hope to work with you again in the future! Best,”

– Jenny & Nigel

“Jim is amazing, honest and reliable. I would use him over and over.”

– Jess Hoeg

“My family first met Jim Baker from the Remax Sabre Realty Group in 2012, when we were looking to buy a home in Coquitlam. Jim came recommended to us by a friend of ours. With our blended family, and different needs, preferences, and expectations about the house, it was a real challenge. It soon became apparent that we were very lucky to have Jim as our realtor. He brought professionalism, extensive knowledge of the housing market, the area, as well as a whole array of related topics, that are important. If he couldn’t answer a question, which was rare, he would offer to inquire and find out. He always followed through with this. Jim also brought patience; not a quality that is an immediately obvious asset as a realtor, but not feeling pushed, rushed, or pressured while making such a big decision was a relief. Jim stuck with us when we suddenly decided to change our criteria in our housing search. He also always had a smile, a wonderful sense of humour, and a very obvious sense of job satisfaction. He taught us that a good realtor needs to be a peoples’ person, enjoying the interactions, and having an intuitive sense of what is important for the client. We have been so happy with our house, and as we are thinking of the next stage of our lives, we have recently contacted him to help us again. Thank you, Jim!”

– Gunnel Tesfa and Brian Johnston

“Our story is an unusual one. My partner was down in Texas finishing school, while I was here in Vancouver not even considering purchasing a home. One Sunday morning, my partner sent me an invitation to an open house right in Port Coquitlam and urged me to go see it – as it was just the sort of thing he was imagining for us to move in to upon his return. So I went. I checked out the place and fell madly in love with the apartment. As it was a Sunday, and offers for the unit were to be submitted in 24 hours by the end of the day Monday, I knew I was in for a challenge. All the realtor offices were closed, but by some luck and fate, Jim Baker was working overtime into the wee hours of the night and I happened to catch him there by chance. After explaining the situation we were in, the complexity of my partner being out of the country, and the time frame we had to work with, Jim Baker assured me that we could make it work. And that is exactly what he did. With financing lined up and a few excellent tips for submitting my offer, Jim managed to guide me through the purchase of my first apartment in a matter of days. Jim was incredibly professional, caring and attentive. His confidence and honesty reassured me that this was the right place to be at the right time, and his commitment to us and our complex situation was unwavering. I couldn’t have felt more comfortable and confident that I had the right realtor on my side. His support and professionalism was exactly what you wish for from the person who sees you through one of the biggest milestones of life. I have consistently recommended Jim to friends and family for the past few years, and will continue doing so, as he certainly earned my loyalty.”

– Addie Anderson