First Impressions Make a Difference

Create a Buying Mood

 Arrange to be absent during showings
 Turn on all lights & fireplaces
 Open all drapes & blinds
 Play quiet background music
 Air out any odors

Curb Appeal

 Cut lawns, trim hedges and shrubs, weed and edge gardens
 Remove any refuse from yard
 Clear yard of leaves or snow (especially walkways)
 Pressure wash or paint if needed


 Ensure kitchens & bathrooms are sparkling
 Clean all appliances
 Clean windows and carpets
 De-Clutter rooms as well as closets, garages & storage space
 Vacuum carpets & sweep floors before showings

House Maintenance

 Replace burnt out light bulbs
 Replace cracked windows
 Repair plumbing issues (leaks, seals around tubs, sinks)
 Repair walls and paint if necessary- including trim, doors & ceilings
 Service or replace furnace & fireplaces
 If appliances are included make sure they are in working condition

Overall…repair or replace so it does not come into play during an offer